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Managing your career, finding a new job, advancing a team or organization, and getting the best results in the world of work is challenging, often frustrating and can be time consuming.  We know, because we’ve been there, and know the pathways and pitfalls to success.
We provide focused solutions for individuals and organizations, including HR consulting and individual career strategy.  We’ve changed careers, managed diverse teams, earned promotions and know the challenges the modern workplace presents to everyone.  What do you want to achieve?


Let's talk about your goals and your dreams. We communicate via your convenience: phone, video, email, or in person if necessary.

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Our work could be a single consultation, a prepared document, or a 12 month process. We drive the work forward together.

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We pride ourselves on delivering services and programs as unique as your needs. Delivery meets your expectations with exceptional value and expertise.

``It is good to have an end to journey toward, but it is the journey that matters in the end.``

- Ernest Hemingway -

Our Comprehensive Services

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Individual Career Services

A modern career search can be a complicated and frustrating process. We manage a personalized and effective search as your partner, with compelling documents and a focus on personal fulfillment. Services include: Resumes & Cover Letters, Personal Career and Professional Development Assessment, Comprehensive Job Search, Branding, Interview Preparation, Promotion Planning & Career Transitions and more.

People Management & HR Consulting

Talent Acquisition Strategy & Training, Team Dynamics: Engagement, Retention, Performance Management & Succession Planning, Workplace Climate Assessment, Management Coaching Managing a Multi-generational Workplace and more. Services available for non-profit and for-profit organizations.

Guest Speaking & Workshops

Compelling and practical programs in people management, talent leadership for achieving your mission, and modern inclusive approaches to drive meaningful and measurable results. Programs available for non-profit and for-profit organizations.

Recent Testimonials


Nicholas Mauro

Nick specializes in Human Resources management – all things people, employment, the workplace, and organizational development.  For more than 12 years Nick’s expertise includes strategic HR at an organizational level, and coaching individuals in the elusive search for a fulfilling career.

Throughout his professional journey, Nick has also coached individual leaders and teams in both non-profit and for-profit industries.  He delivers innovate programs and strategic vision to create successful outcomes, while optimizing productivity and driving measurable results in the modern workplace.  Nick’s passion is people at work.  Share your story with our team today.

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